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Picking Shiraz Grapes @ The Chirping Bird Home Block

Saturday the 6th of May marked the last day of harvest for the 2017 vintage picking the Shiraz at the Home Block. We don't usually pick in May but the grapes had a bit of a struggle ripening to the desired baume levels. Keeping it out on the vine this long is quite stressful as the whole crop is at the mercy of Mother Nature. Rain is the biggest enemy closely followed by the birds finding their way into the nets, botrytis cinerea and wasps are also at play. Checking the grapes regularly either gives you pice of mind or raises the stress levels!

All that being said it definitely payed off letting it hang out, the baume levels raised to desired levels and the rain held off for a few days leading up to the pick. We got a great yield this year with around 4 tonne coming off 1.5 acres of vine @ the Chirping Bird Home Block.

We had a few friends over to help with the pick. Threw a few beers on ice, cracked some chirping bird and made some delicious food. Here is a little edit from the day!