First Planted in 1999

We first planted our vines in 1999 starting with Shiraz then followed by Muscat the year after. With the Mornington Peninsula mainly being planted with Pinot Noir & Chardonnay by other vigneron's, Shiraz & Muscat were a very bold choice of grape variety for the region.

From Contract Growers To Wine Producers

In the early years of the vineyard, all fruit was grown and sold off to other wineries. Deciding that we wanted to go from contract growers to wine producers in 2003, the following year was our first vintages (2004) of Shiraz and Moscato.

Cool Climate Shiraz

Our journey as vigneron's began with Shiraz in 1999 and remains our focus to produce the best cool climate Shiraz from the region.

The climate of the Mornington Peninsula results in a long growing season which extends the flavour ripening whilst maintaining natural acid balance. Intense ripe berries and cassis with a hint of spice which typifies cool climate shiraz.